The #1 Reason You Can’t Sell Your Product Or Service



Ever wonder why you can’t sell your product or service?

Wondering which training program or seminar would help?

Wanna learn the world’s simplest way to improve your sales ability?


Let’s start with the problem that is hindering your ability to sell.


If you did, it’d show through how you speak and how you act.  The charisma and passion would show.  But most people don’t show passion when they are trying to sell a product.  Most people aren’t even sure about the product themselves and so it shows.  

You say, 

But Gary, I do believe in my product…


Ok, maybe you do believe in your product but for some reason you’re not able to convey your passion to the other person.  Why is that?  

Maybe you believe in the product but you don’t believe in yourself which is the bigger problem.  



I’m a Christian and I believe that you were created by God.  I believe God sees greatness in every one of us.  I don’t believe God thinks we’re meant to be in inferior.  I’m not saying that you’re supposed to be suddenly competent in anything you touch.  But God sees massive potential in you.  You can do it if you really see yourself the way God sees you.  

God doesn’t look down at you and say, “oh, I don’t think you can do it, you suck…”

I believe God looks down at us and says, “good job… you can do it… keep going… keep pushing… don’t give up…”


When you get to that point where you truly believe in your product and you truly believe in yourself the way God believes in you, things will change.  You will talk differently, you will act differently and people will be attracted to you and often they’ll be attracted to your product/service.


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